Dungeon of Drauthar is a 2-4 player co-operative tabletop game. I designed the game’s packaging to resemble an ancient mythological artifact similar to Pandora’s box. The box and game pieces were crafted using the Art Institute’s of Seattle’s laser cutter.

The icons used in Dungeon of Drauthar were created in Illustrator and were lasercut onto birch plywood to create the game pieces. The dice were then engraved with the character icons then inked with acrylic ink. The card frames, rule book, and game board were created in Photoshop. The text and layout of these items were finished in InDesign.

Dungeon of Drauthar pits the players against the malevolent being Drauthar in a race to capture the remaining fragments of Drauthar’s soul. If the players collect enough pieces they prevent Drauthar from returning to power.

“The descendants of the god Amnus are bound by fate to prevent the reawakening of the malevolent entity known as Drauthar. These champions must collect the Five Fragments of Drauthar used to banish the ancient evil permanently.

The ancient being Amnus had sealed Drauthar and his minions away during the creation of Viridia, imprisoned by stone, magic and carved into the very location where the ancient evil was defeated. It is an ever-changing dungeon that prevents Drauthar’s followers from entering… or the ancient one himself from escaping.”


This project has been reviewed on several websites including: Kotaku.com, Nerd Approved, Clapway.com, Themarysue.com, Albotas.com, Technabob.com, Shadowmanor.com, and Geeknative.com

The Adventurer’s Kit had been inspired  by my lifelong passion for roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons or World of Dungeons. My goal was to create a portable kit that anyone could pickup and play a quick, or introductory, roleplaying session with little to no prep time. I created a simple overland map illustration for the lid using the Art Institute of Seattle’s lasercutter. I also included a standard set of polyhedral dice since they are used in many roleplaying systems. Many roleplaying systems also use miniatures, I wanted to include some basic minis for the players. The miniatures featured in these sets are vintage unpainted Heroscape monsters. Also provided is a Moleskine notebook with gridded paper if the player or game master want to map a dungeon or take notes. Each kit also includes a pamphlet for the excellent hack and slash World of Dungeons RPG system. These printouts and other adventure PDFs can be found on Dungeon-World.com for free. With the tools provided in these kits players and game masters alike can enjoy an adventure on the go.



These Dragon Dice playmats were designed to be given away to promote the SFR’s Dragon Dice and the Emerald City Bone Rollers. The Dragon Dice iconography and Dragon Dice logo are property of SFR-inc.